About me

Alexander Golev, the sexiest ITAM consultant in the world.

Hello! I'm Alexander Golev, an entrepreneur passionate about clear communication and genuine interactions. Settled in the UK, I'm deeply aligned with British values, cherishing the respect for law and personal freedom. My professional and personal journey has been enriched by experiences in Switzerland, ex-USSR, Cyprus, and the UK, along with working with clients from various corners of the world.

Living by My Philosophy

My life's philosophy is straightforward: focus on solutions, not blame. Entrepreneurship is not just my profession; it's a lifestyle that I embrace wholeheartedly. It's about creating connections in business and networking, and most importantly, recognising the human element in every aspect of work.

My Daily Life

Most of the time, I'm the CEO of SAMexpert. Every day there is about peeling back the layers of software licensing and cloud economics to find clear, practical solutions. As CEO, I dive into the complexities of Microsoft licensing and FinOps, but my real focus is on making these topics understandable and relevant for our clients. It's not just about the technical details; it's about connecting these concepts to real-world scenarios. Whether I'm consulting, creating content for SAMexpert TV, or collaborating with my team, my goal is always the same: to provide clarity and insight in an area often filled with jargon and confusion. This is what drives me and what makes each day at SAMexpert both a challenge and a joy.

Beyond the Professional Sphere

Away from work, I have a myriad of interests that keep me engaged. I'm an enthusiast of travel, languages, and cultural exploration. Fitness is important to me, as I enjoy cycling and running. I also delve into video creation, primarily for YouTube, and express my creativity through writing, cooking, and baking.

Engaging with You

I'm keen to connect with you through my LinkedIn or here on my personal blog. While I'm preparing to host Q&A sessions on my personal YouTube channel , you can already catch me on SAMexpert TV, discussing Cloud FinOps and Microsoft Licensing. These sessions are a wonderful opportunity for us to exchange knowledge and insights.

Join My Journey

This website is a canvas reflecting my life, beliefs, and diverse experiences. It's more than a professional hub; it's a place for exploration, learning, and connection. I invite you to be a part of this journey, where we can share knowledge, understand diverse perspectives, and build meaningful connections.